HD Projector for Virtual Touch Projection 



  • Virtual Touch Display; Turn Any Projection Surface as A Giant Touch Panel to Perform Interactive Function
  • E white-board Function; Great for Education and Business Usage
  • Android OS 4.4 Platform; Access to Full Computing Power
  • Two-Points Interactive Touch; Allow Two Users to Perform Virtual Touch Simultaneously
  • Stereo Speakers @8 Watts Output


AN500-VT unlock new possibilities in how we interact with technology. The headline feature of the AN500-VT is the ingenious ability to recreate any flat surface into a virtual touch display. It provides almost limitless possibilities in user experience, which will appeal to a broad spectrum of users for business, educational and entertainment purposes. A two-point touch system allows two users to simultaneously interact together on the virtually projected touch screen. Touch interactions are performed with a custom designed stylus equipped with infrared technology on the touch screen surface with pinpoint accuracy. AN500-VT is powered by the Android 4.4 Kit-Kat operating system, providing full compatibility with Google Play store apps which seamlessly delivers the full capabilities of a smart mobile device. The in-built projector features TI DLP and LED technology, capable of displaying 400 lumens of brightness at a native HD resolution of 1280 x 800 pixels with a 1500:1 high contrast ratio. The projected screen size can beam content up to 120 inches (305 cm) with bright, vivid, sharp and precise colour tones for cinema quality familiarity. A high definition dual-directional stereo speaker arrangement rated at 8 watts, boasts professional acoustics combining powerful bass with clear high and mid tones. Together with projected content, it creates a spectacular audio-visual experience within any environment.