Full HD Dashcam

  • FULL HD (1920 x 1080p) Car Camcorder

  • 140 ° field lens

  • Emergency & loop recording function

  • Build-in battery and bump auto recorder

  • Slide-out display


Aiptek GS 200 makes driving saver. GS 200 continuously records the action on the street. If external memory card is getting full, the oldest video is replaced automatically without any data loss between the clips. In case of emergency the embedded bump sensor automatically detect the accident and save the action on internal memory. The 140 ° wide angle lens records the full action on the road in best HD quality. The unique design, made for both, windshield and Rear-view mount (as optional accessory), combined with a slide out display makes the GS 200 nearly invisible when using it in your car. Use Aiptek GS 200 for your security and rebut false statement in case of accidents.