Digitizer Pen for iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3

  • Accurate and fine drawing on iPad screen

  • Turn your iPad into mobile drawing tablet

  • Digitally captures notes and handwritings

  • Annotate and edit photos

  • Compatibly with iPad, iPad 2 & iPad 3

MyNote Pen is the best piece of hardware for anyone dreaming to use the iPad for accurate drawing and painting. The small receiver is connected to the iPad easily and is ready to use after App installation. Write or draw on your iPad and save the notes for future use. Even leaning your hand on the screen is not a problem since touch function is deactivated while iPad is operating in Pen mode. Share your notes on Twitter, Facebook or by Email. Manage your drawings, print, delete or modify them later. Or sent the files as PDF to friends, family or all over the world. With the free and easy-to-use App your iPad become a mobile drawing Pad in just a second.

Discover more on: www.mynote.eu