3D Full HD Camcorder

  • 1080p FullHD 3D Camcorder

  • Records pictures and videos in 3D or 2D

  • Playback 3D files on 3.2’’ 3D display without glasses

  • Software for watching 3D on 2D TV or PC

  • Sharing 3D image on YouTube 3D

In 2010 Aiptek launch the first 3D HD camcorder in the world with a compact and stylish design. Now the second generation of 3D camcorder is coming as Aiptek3D iH3 with Full HD video resolution. With two separate lenses and two 5 mega-pixel image sensors iH3 can record best 3D HD videos and pictures. The grand 3.2’’ 3D display provides immediate preview and playback of 3D images without any extra glasses. With the bundled software, you are able to watch 3D images on your 2D TV, PC or projector with bundled 3D glasses. Share your 3D moments on YouTube3D or Facebook with a few clicks. Don’t forget that iH3 also records 2D image in excellent quality.