3D HD Camcorder

  • 720p HD 3D Camcorder and Camera

  • Records pictures and Videos in 3D or 2D

  • Playback 3D files on 2.4’’ 3D display without glasses

  • Embedded software for watching 3D on 2D TV or PC

  • Sharing 3D image on YouTube 3D


Aiptek3D i2 is the first 3D HD camcorder in the world with a compact and stylish design. With two separate lenses and two 5 mega-pixel image sensors i2 can record best 3D HD videos and pictures. The 2.4’’ inch 3D display provides immediate preview and playback of 3D image. To see 3D on a big screen, 3D TV, PC, or projector is not a must. With the embedded software, you are able to watch 3D images on your 2D TV, PC or projector with bundled 3D glasses; the sharing of 3D moments on YouTube3D or Facebook in a few clicks. Don’t forget that i2 also records 2D image in good quality.